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About LIV Dental Specialists Medellín  Dr. Julián Toro, Dr. Camilo Aguirre, Dr. Julian Toro, Dr. Claudia Campuzano, Dr. Flor Villegas..

We are a small team of professionals in all dental maxilofacial specialities offering top attention to patients from many countries in our modern clinic in Medellín Colombia.

Our philosophy is built on the basis of a patient’s needs, persons with their particular concerns, feelings and expectations.

Offering the BEST SOLUTION to the oral health needs for every one of our patients, in the most professional and humane manner, at affordable costs are the purpose of what we do.

Our team specializes in advanced oral rehabilitation witth the latest in fixed dentures over dental implants, All on four dentures, Hybrid dentures on dental implants.

Dental care is a sensitive issue for many people. We are aware that dental and oral health problems in general can be stressful and raise a great deal of concerns  which need answers and proper  guidance.

We believe that excellent professional dental care starts with ethics, trust and caring attitude.

Why do hundreds patients and colleagues choose us to take care of their oral health needs?

  1. We are specialists with top University training.
  2. Patient based philosophy. There are different treatment options for each person. It is important that our patients receive all the information needed in order to make the best decision leading to the ideal solution under every personal condition.   Patient satisfaction is top priority for us.
  3. Affordable costs. We strive to make sure more people can have access to the latest procedures in oral health care. Typically our costs are up to 40% lower than most clinics  in the segment of high quality dental care.
  4. Over these 20 plus years we have had the privilege to dramatically improve the quality of life of our hundreds of patients through transforming their oral health.
  5. Cultural knowledge. We´ve had the privilege of serving people from such diverse backgrounds as a Canadian house wife, an Italian businessman or a New Yorker corporate consultant.
  6. Yes, we speak English. English speaking dentist in Medellin Colombia?
  7. LIV Dental Medellin gathers a complete staff of specialists to provide comprehensive dental / oral / maxilofacial care.  
  8. In a hurry for a dental treatment? No problem, we will move things around to open a spot  for you.

A Medical destination

health tourism best destinations Colombia
Medical destination Colombia

More and more nationals from around the world are getting acquainted with the high specialization Medellín has developed in most health care areas. 

A pioneer in heart surgery, organ transplant, plastic surgery and maxilofacial surgery among other medical areas, Medellin is rapidly becoming one of the top medical destinations in the world.

Dr. Julián Toro, Dr. Camilo Aguirre, Dr. Claudia Campuzano, Dra. Camila Gutierrez endodontist, Dr. Juan restrepo oral rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Flor Villegas maxilofacial surgeon, Dr. Samuel Urbano maxilofacial rurgeon, are part of the team of specialists at LIV Dental Specialists Medellín.


We have been recommended by many patients seeking world class dental care dental bridges, dental zirconia crowns, cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers,  and adult dental care to patients looking for dental treatment abroad in medellin colombia.   

We are located at:  Centro Comercial El tesoro office 4799 Torre Médica 2  Medellin – Colombia.

Information and appointments Whatsapp: (+57) 300 700 8281, (+57)300 672 4097, (+57)311 881 1001.

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