Affordable Dentures on Implants

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Affordable Dentures on Implants

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Partial dentures are removable dental appliances used when a patient still keeps fairly healthy and strong teeth to support the structure.

Partial Dentures, types of partial dentures Medellin

Partial dentures can be created in many different variations, including designs, materials, accessory parts, sizes, combinations of features and materials.

The first consideration is to know that a partial denture is a structure aimed to replace missing teeth on the maxillary or mandibular arch, when there are missing a number of teeth.

There are many different situations, teeth conditions, teeth position, distance of the gap left, etc.

When we have at least 2 teeth on either side of the arch it is possible to replace the missing teeth with a removable partial denture.  

Partial dentures are a type of Affordable dentures on implants indicated in many cases where implants and fixed bridges are not possible for the patient.

The main differences between most removable dentures are in the basic structure that supports the teeth to be replaced.

Then we have the materials used, which are basically metal or plastic materials, each type with different possible options.

Partial dentures may also be rigid or flexible.

Another type of affordable dentures are flexible partial dentures, wich have their use but it is important to select the cases to use them, since not every case is suitable to be solved with a flexible partial denture.

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All on 4 denture

A type of denture on implants that have been used with great success transforming the way patients recover their ability to eat as well as their comfort and security are all on four or all on 4 dentures.

All on four dentures are a type of dentures built to attach on 4 implants on each maxillary arch.

The possibility of having a denture fixed to underlying implants offer our patients many advantages over the traditional complete dentures.

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Advanced Dental Implants:

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