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Dr. Camilo Aguirre. Dental Specialists LIV Medellin Colombia

Advanced Dental Maxilofacial Restauration

Our team of highly trained oral health specialists strive to take the dental experience to a higher level for everyone.

LIV Medellin Dental care puts together science, technology, experience and ethical humane approach within a pleasant athmosphere to transform the most challenging needs in a new dental experience.

Our team of specialists have been working with patients from seeking dental care abroad from all over the world for near 25 years to transform the lives by treating complex dental, oral, maxillary and facial conditions.

Our commitment: to help you with your oral health needs with excellent quality dental care.

We strive to change the dental experience for everyone.

LIV Medellin dental care gathers all specialties within the medical areas dedicated to restore your dental facial anatomy, function, health and aesthetics.

Contact us:   

WhatsApp (57) 300 700 8281


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Cra.25A #1A-45, Medellín, Colombia 

Dental care abroad Medellin dentist.

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