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Maxillofacial surgery correction
Maxillofacial surgery correction

Specialized dental disciplines cover and treat a broad scope of pathologies, conditions, trauma, and diseases to achieve advanced dental and maxilofacial reconstruction 

We as specialists in dentistry disciplines as maxillofacial surgery, stomatology, and others, we treat many complex conditions, including cancer treatment of face, mouth and neck, in addition to reconstruction and rehabilitation of these patients.

Also congenital and developmental anomalies and traumatic injuries. We are a team of specialists that offers advanced dental and maxillofacial prosthetics, or artificial replacements, for teeth, chin or nose.

Our team of specialists in prosthodontists,  maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, oral rehabilitation and prosthodontists, together with orthodontists who specializes in restoring and replacing teeth, mouth and facial structures.

We use the latest, most advanced techniques in all dentistry specialties including:

Maxillofacial surgery. Correction of mandibular or maxillary bone anomalies.

Dental implants. Implant surgery for single teeth or complete arch reconstruction.

Dental Crowns, latest zirconia crowns, 3D computerized technology.

Dental bridge. Fixed dental bridges in zirconia and porcelain. 

Latest in denture procedure, dentures over implants.


Periodontal therapies, bone graft, bone regeneration.

Reconstruction after cancer surgery.

Saliva stimulation or replacement.

Teeth whitening.

Dental Veneers.

Endodontics. Root canal treatment.

Dental fillings. Aesthetic restoration of damaged teeth.

TMJ treatment. Temporo-mandibular joint disorders.

Our team of maxillofacial dental care specialists in Medellin will guide you through the process needed to obtain the best results for your dental, oral and maxillofacial needs. 

You can schedule a virtual consultation to get the answers you need.  

WhatsApp: (+57) 300 700 8281.

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