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Dental bridges are getting better and better with new materials, but of the new dental bridge which is the best?

Our specialists for over 25 years have been providing top level Dental bridge in Medellin, zirconia dental bridge, affordable dental bridge.


Dental bridge zirconia
Dental bridge zirconia

Zirconium Dental Restorations offer several innovative systems for aesthetic crowns and bridges without metal.

The reliability of zirconium restorations in the various alternatives developed by European laboratories such as Cercon and Procera is backed by years of proven clinical success.

The innovative system based on a zirconia structure is used to manufacture individual units (teeth) anterior or molar, as well as restorations of bridges of multiple units in zirconia.

The advantages of zirconium dental bridges are multiple:

We can create dental bridges with translucent appearance similar to natural teeth, allow a high precision in the final result with better adaptation, is bio-compatible, does not suffer the possible fracture failure of Porcelain on metal that is sometimes seen on porcelain bridges over metal, and is the most durable and durable dental ceramic.

Zirconium dental bridges can be placed with conventional cementing or bonding techniques.

Millions of units have been placed around the world since its introduction.

Our digital design and milling system results in excellent fit and marginal accuracy for restorations such as zirconium dental bridges.

The clinical performance of zirconia molar crowns was superior to all other tooth-colored materials studied by several research studies over the course of a decade.

Based on scanning electron microscope (SEM), clinical and laboratory examinations performed three-and-a-half years after placement, zirconia crowns and bridges exhibited excellent adaptation to tissues, resistance to stress and wear.

We are specialists in oral rehabilitation, zirconium dental bridges with the latest technology.

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