English speaking dentist Medellin Colombia

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Dental implants abroad Medellín-Colombia
Dental implants abroad Medellín-Colombia

Find LIV Dental Specialists Medellin

Patients needing specialized dental oral health care in the city of everlasting spring by english speaking dentist Medellín, can find world class attention by the team of professionals at Clínica LIV, who offer the latest techniques and technologies in dental maxillofacial care.

You can find LIV Dental Medellín Dr. Camilo Aguirre at Centro Comercial El Tesoro office 4798 Medellín Colombia.

Visitors in increasing numbers are seeking dental care in Medellín. 

Dental Medellin is specialized dentistry for adults in Medellin.

Dental Medellin provides dental care to adult patients in our strategically located office at the heart of Ciudad del Rio in Medellín Colombia.

We offer dental care for adults in Medellin in our comfortable office at affordable cost. For almost two decades, we have been the choice of many visitors to our town, looking for English speaking dentist in Medellin Colombia.

We specialize in dental bridge treatment, dental porcelain crowns, cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers, adhesive dentistry, endodontic also called root canal treatment, dental prosthetic treatment.


Dr. Camilo Aguirre is a graduated from prestigious Universidad de Antioquia under the deepest and most comprehensive program, with over two decades of experience and continuous training.

Dentist Medellin Colombia, Affordable Quality dental care Medellin

Dentist Medellin Colombia, Affordable Quality dental care Medellin | Dentist Medellin Colombia, Affordable Quality dental care Medellin, dental care Medellin

Dentist Medellin Colombia, Affordable Quality dental care Medellin

We are LIV Dental Specialists Medellin. Our dentists, a group of top-trained specialists, Dr. Camilo Aguirre oral rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Claudia Campuzano and Dr. Elizabeth Ramirez cosmetic dentists, Dr. Isabel Castaño and Dr. Julián Toroperiodontal surgeons, , Dr. Sol Quintero physician and facial rejuvenation specialist, Dr. Flor Villegas maxillofacial surgeon,   are a team of experienced professionals committed to providing you with the highest level of care in the dental medical sciences.

Our 20 plus years of experience working with patient from many countries, have taught us a great deal about individual needs, concerns, fears and expectations. Each person who comes to our office receives dental care based on ethic, professionalism, patience and dedication.

When you visit us at The Dental Office in Medellin, we focus on providing you with the right, comprehensive professional dental treatment you really need in a pleasant environment.

To offer affordable high quality dental care abroad in Medellin Colombia is one of our goals.

If you are looking for an English-speaking dentist in Medellin, or a Spanish-speaking dentist, we work hard to provide you with a dental experience that is comfortable and pleasant.

Oral rehabilitation in plain words can be defined as restoration of structure, anatomy, function of damaged or lost teeth.

At LIV dental  Specialists Medellin we use the latest techniques to replace lost teeth, restore damaged teeth, improve dental aesthetics, treat oral pathologies and more to achieve a holistic state of oral health.

From the latest zirconia dental bridges and dental implants to root canal treatment, painless  tooth extractions, LIV Dental Specialists Medellin team is prepared to offer the best quality attention.

To learn more about LIV Dentists Medellin Colombia, Affordable dentist Medellin and how we work to provide you with professional dental care, and schedule your next visit with our doctors, we invite you to call or visit our office today.

Contact us WhatsApp (57) 300-700 8281 or Request Appointment!:

Dental Specialists from Clínica LIV is located at: Centro Comercial El Tesoro office 4798 Medellín Colombia.

Contact us through WhatsApp: (57) 300 700 8281.


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