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health tourism best destinations Colombia
health tourism best destinations Colombia

Healt care, dental care top leader city. Why Medellin Colombia is leader in health care

Medellin, Colombia has established itself as a leader in healthcare for a few reasons.

In my experience working for nearly 4 years in the Chicago area in my capacity in different dental care clinics and the lake County health department I surely had a glimpse of the quality of health care in the US and enough experience to compare it to the health care and dental care specifically in my city Medellín.

I also worked for several years as professor in a prestigious leading faculty in Medellin having the opportunity to work with leading top professionals from the USA, could make up a fair assessment of the level of the health care in different areas and very close to dental care in both countries.

I can without a shadow of doubt have assert that the quality of health care in different specialties including dental care in Colombia, giving we are talking about qualified providers, is superior or at least on par with care patients get in the United States.

Here the reasons for that conclusion:

Medical and dental care professionals in the United States take a very aggressive approach to patient treatments.

The scope of competence of health care professionals in the United States is rather narrow as compared to their counter parts in Colombia.

The education and training in undergraduate education in the leading faculties in Colombia is far by much deeper than that in faculties in the United States.

The deep training and clinical practice of health professionals in leading faculties in Colombia build a strong competence and clinical sense.

Dental tourism Colombia
Dental care Medellin Colombia

Why Medellin Colombia is leader in health care:

  1. Cost: Medical treatments and procedures in Medellin are significantly less expensive than in many other countries, making it a popular destination for medical tourism.
  2. Quality: Medellin has a number of highly-skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons, many of whom have been trained in the United States or Europe, who provide high-quality care to patients.
  3. Infrastructure: Medellin has invested heavily in its healthcare infrastructure, building state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly-skilled medical professionals.
  4. Innovation: Medellin has been recognized as a leader in innovation in healthcare, particularly in the areas of telemedicine and virtual care, which allows patients to receive care remotely, reducing the need for travel and making healthcare more accessible to people living in rural areas.
  5. Affordability: Medellin is known for providing affordable healthcare services which has helped to expand access to medical services for many people, even those from low-income families.
  6. Safety: Medellin is considered one of the safest cities in Colombia, which has helped to attract medical tourists from other countries who are looking for a safe and affordable place to receive medical care.
  7. Government support: The government has been supporting the healthcare sector by investing in advanced technologies and facilities, making it easier for both locals and foreigners to get the best care.

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About or team of specialists: Dental care Specialists. En español: Clínica Odontológica Medellín.

En español: Implantes dentales Colombia.

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