Painless Dental Medellin

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Painless dentistry Medellin
Painless dentistry Medellin

As part of our pillars at LIV Dental Specialists Medellin for creating a superior dental experience for our patients, a big part of it is to offer stress free dentistry, painless dental Medellín, with the latest techniques for Painless dentistry in Medellin.

There are several tools, techniques and methods to reduce pain and anxiety at the dental office; some basic and some more complex.

While it is common practice to be sedated by doctors for medical procedures, for some time there has been the misconception that routine dental work is not uncomfortable enough to justify the use of sedation.

For many of patients seeking a more relaxed experience, dental sedation provides a way to perform any dental treatment without pain or stress, under very safe conditions.

It has proven to be a safe and effective option for a variety of patients and procedures.


Our practice has focused to a great extent on providing Painless dentistry in Medellin  for patients suffering from dental anxiety and dental phobia.

Depending on the extent of the work being done and the needs of the individual patient, we offer 3 different methods of sedation:

Nitrous Oxide sedation ~ Also known as inhalation sedation or “laughing gas,” this is one step up from the oral sedative.

A mask is placed over the patient’s nose, and the flow level is adjusted by the dentist until the patient is comfortable.

One advantage of this method is that as soon as the dental work is complete, the patient receives 100% oxygen and the feeling of sedation is gone within a few minutes.

Oral sedation. The easiest way to achieve a state of relaxation while keeping consciousness is by using a pill that induces sleep.

Most of the times patients fall asleep during the procedure, so they don’t feel anxiety. at the same time, by means of a secondary effect, it potentiates the effect of the local anesthetic, and reduces the sensation of the instruments  used.                                                                        

Oral sedation is the easiest form to provide Painless dentistry in Medellin 

Intravenous Conscious Sedation (IV) ~ This type of sedation is ideal for patients with extreme anxiety when it comes to dental procedures, or for those who are having complex dental work that takes a longer period of time to complete.

Although the patient is conscious, he or she remembers virtually nothing about the dental work being performed.

Painless dentistry Medellin sedation dentistry Medellin.

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All procedures are monitored by a trained specialist. For dental intra venous, and nitrous oxide sedation, a specialized professional carries the procedure from beginning to end monitoring the patient constantly.

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