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Teeth whitening Medellin Colombia
Teeth whitening before after

Here we will present information on the different techniques for teeth whitening on healthy teeth, not cases  of pathologically pigmentation, which require a completely different approach.

When teeth show stains caused by drinks, habits or foods, such as coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, etc. the teeth whitening process starts with a proper cleaning.

The teeth whitening process starts with a cleaning to remove the stains. The cleaning is performed using different types of devices like ultrasound and low speed hand pieces which removes external stains on the enamel surface.

Professional deep cleanings, or prophylaxis, will remove most of these external stains.

In the case of internal stains, such as those caused by tetracyclines (broad-spectrum antibiotics) that produce the typical tooth with grayish streaks, the case needs a deeper evaluation to determine the degree and type of stain, as well as the amount of remaining tooth structure, to indicate the most appropriate treatment.

Before every dental whitening treatment its essential to do a thorough dental cleaning to remove calculus and plaque to obtain a clean surface of the teeth.

Types of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening Medellín
Teeth whitening Medellín

There are different techniques and types of teeth whitening.

We can differentiate three types of dental whitening treatment:

Dental whitening performed through a clinical technique in office.  

This technique usually uses a very high concentration of the whitening product.

Dental whitening technique carried out at home.

Done with a lower concentration whitening product.

Lastly the mixed technique.

This is a combination of both techniques previously described. This technique starts with a teeth whitening with LED light session in office, and then the treatment is continued at home.

Currently photoactivated or light activated teeth whitening is a common and effective technique applied in the office by a professional.

Photoactivated teeth whitening phases:

This technique is based on the use of a whitening gel (carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) that is activated by the direct application of a light source like laser or LED.

The phases of the process are the following:

A dental whitening treatment requires an assessment of your case to determine if you are a candidate to receive it.

The photoactivated teeth whitening treatment is performed in the dental office in one or two sessions.

It is very important to bear in mind that this type of treatment should not be carried out when the patient has cavities, periodontal disease, calculus or plaque.

The specialist chooses the most suitable type of light source for each case: the laser is usually more effective, but it generates greater dental hypersensitivity than LED light and the effects tend to disappear over time, which is why the use of this second option.

At Liv Specialists, for photoactivation whitening we use the Phillips Zoom protocol: Philips Zoom LED blue light acceleration gel and technology whiten quickly, while amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) helps protect enamel, improve brightness and reduce sensitivity.

Teeth whitening done at home

Part of the whitening process is done at home, but under the supervision and indications of the dentist, who will have previously carried out a prophylaxis and an oral review of our mouth.

The dentist will have taken impressions of your mouth to replicate it at the laboratory where the technician can make a splint or soft plate, which must fit perfectly to avoid any possible contact and damage to the tissues surrounding the teeth.

We apply the bleaching agent to the splint, which in this type of whitening usually has a lower concentration of peroxides than that applied in the clinic, and we let it act for the time indicated by the dentist.

Some patients seek a complete transformation of their teeth. For them dental veneers may be a treatment alternative.

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